About us: Ricano

Who we are

For over thirty years, Ricano, an independent fashion label from Bonn, has stood for design made in Germany. Sustainability, longevity, quality and a sense for the spirit of the times are the Philosophy of our family business. The core competence of the brand lies in the design of fashionable leather garments and high quality faux furs, in order to provide a to inspire a fine-minded target group with fashionable impulses.

Our history

The Bonn-based fashion label Ricano was founded in 1986 by a collective of independent designers that originally specialized in recycling discarded leather jackets and creating and create unusual, valuable one-of-a-kind pieces from individual parts. Inspired by daring british cuts and Italian refinement, Ricano has developed increasingly progressive Fashion that has remained true to its European character to this day.

And a lot has happened in our company since then. Thirty-five years after its Ricano is now in its second generation of family ownership and distributes its innovative its in-house innovative designs throughout Europe. Thanks to decades of experience in selection of the best materials and the creation of fashionable shapes, Ricano is today a competent a competent exception among German brands. Our maxim: Unique Designs, highest quality and best, sustainable workmanship.

Unsere Mission

Since 1986 we are your partner for progressive fashion made of genuine leather and high quality Faux fur. We implement new trends, cuts and colors furiously and burn for contemporary fashion. As a family business we bring our european influences all over the world through long-term partnerships and bring global influences back to our home. We are always on top of the latest trends in Leather fashion and put our customers' needs first That's why we have satisfied customers all over the world and why every day we're excited to be part of the fashion industry. So our customers can always rely on high quality and progressive fashion that will give you pleasure for a long time.

Our concept

Ricano focuses on innovation in the B2B business model. Particularly dealer-oriented is the Immediate business with constantly stocked goods, NOS articles and short-term delivery dates Digitization and the associated user-friendliness also play an important role for us with a specially developed IT system, retailers can not only find out about stocks in real time Not only find out about stock levels in real time and reorder flexibly, but can also contact their own customers in their own stores on their smartphones or tablets Color variants to their own customers on a smartphone or tablet. in 2021, Ricano launched a pilot project with selected Retailers to expand this system even further. In the long term, we want to offer our Partners the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of digitization in local retailing as well Digitization in the local retail sector as well. ​

Through the partnership with the fashion group unitex, we hope to be able to enter into an even closer relationship with customers and to communicate our vision of characterful fashion and innovative And innovative distribution systems with an even wider reach with an even broader reach.

And Ricano has big plans for the future: innovations in terms of sustainability (sustainable fast fashion), new materials and business systems are on the agenda But even with the biggest plans, the maxim of our label is unwavering: The product and the retailer Product and the retailer are the focus.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, Pollution and social exploitation. We are aware of the problem and find sustainable solutions: Our production partners are all, without exception, BSCI- certified. As a family-owned company, we have maintained close relationships with the same suppliers for decades and are personally committed to fair treatment of people and the Environment. Vegetarian tanned leather, recycled synthetic skins, CO2-efficient supply chains We take responsibility!

In 2021, we will even launch a joint research project with the University of Warwick in search of in search of real innovation for sustainable fast fashion. We want to explore what it takes social and sustainable production that gives our fashion the harmless beauty it deserves Beauty it deserves.


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